Should I consider selling my Business?
This is the question all business owners should continually ask themselves. Deciding to sell your business will be one of
the most important decisions of your life, both emotionally and financially. Often, there are extenuating circumstances
which must be considered when deciding to sell a business (health issues, retirement, debt/capital concerns, personal
reasons, tax ramifications, etc...). Other times, business owners just want a change of lifestyle, or to concentrate on other
opportunities, or feel it's time to "cash in" on their investment/hard work. Whatever your reason, we'll help you explore your
options, so you can decide if you should sell now, later, or not at all.

What is my Business worth?
Each business is different, including franchised businesses. And, each business has different value to different people.
There are a base set of obvious factors involved in determining an appropriate "value" for a particular business...these
factors include; location, sales history and recent sales trends, business profitability and cash flow, physical condition of
the business, future area planning, etc... However, there are many other mitigating factors you might be unaware of that
contribute greatly to the overall worth of your business.

We work together with each individual business owner, in order to valuate a specific business as accurately as possible.
After gathering data on your business, we use our vast experience in the business brokerage industry, along with our
access to comparable data from other transactions, and our knowledge of current market conditions, to present you with
an accurate picture as possible as to the worth of your business.

Why can't I sell my Business by myself?
You can certainly choose to try to sell your business yourself. In fact, many of our current and former clients and
customers have taken this approach prior to employing our services. However, this course of action can often be very
frustrating and unfruitful, without the knowledge and experience needed to do it successfully. You will need to know
where to find and how to qualify industry-approved buyers, how to properly value your business, what current market trends
and conditions exist, how to obtain and present comparable business data, how to sufficiently allocate resources to
successfully market and advertise your business, how to negotiate with buyers and understand contract terms, how to file
the appropriate required sale documents and complete the sale/transfer procedures involved, and so much more.

I own a Franchised Business; Won't my Franchisor help me sell my Business?
This depends on which type of franchised location you own. However, many Franchisors do not assist with this process in
any meaningful way. The Franchisor is primarily concerned with improving, bettering, and expanding the franchise on a
day-to-day basis (and rightfully so). As such, it is difficult and time consuming for the Franchisor to properly market your
business, and assist you sufficiently during your sale efforts. In addition, the majority of Franchisors are not familiar with
the internal workings and books of each individual franchised business in their system...this is crucial information that must
be properly understood and communicated to Buyers, Lenders, Franchisors, order to consummate a sale.

Franchisors are also usually obligated to remain impartial to all franchisees within their system (to avoid conflicts of
interest). As such, they typically avoid assisting with the inner workings of individual sales/transfers for this very reason
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