"...Dan...got right to the point and didn't waste my time..."

As a first time seller of a franchise, I figured it would be a similar process across brokers. I
was wrong.

I worked with another broker due to a lower fee and after nearly a year, I hadn’t had a
single serious conversation about the territory. It was tough to even get a call back at

So, I went to Dan and there were potential buyers immediately. He was always available,
got right to the point and didn’t waste my time with unserious interest.

We sold the territory for our sticker price, and Dan handled all the corporate approval,
paperwork and training details.

It was a joy, and I’m headed right back to Atlantic if I want to sell (or buy) another territory.

GV,  Five Guys Franchisee & Developer
"...Dan...got right to the
point and didn't waste
my time..."
GV, FG Franchisee
57 West Timonium Road
The Elliott Building
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Timonium, MD 21093