Summary of our Sale Process:

First, we would do an initial analysis of your business and market area. We then compare that data
against other similar businesses which were recently sold in your area. This information, along with
several other factors, will determine the price at which we believe your business will sell, within a
reasonable time frame. We discuss our findings with you and our terms for handling the sale of your
business should you then choose to contract us.

Once contracted, we will immediately complete a full review of your business and begin marketing it to
prospective buyers. We have a number of means available to promote your location, including business
sale websites, print media, direct mailing, etc... however, we typically find the vast majority of buyers from
our contacts within the business community. We are constantly in touch with hundreds of current,
former, and prospective business owners who are looking to buy, sell, or relocate. From our network of
contacts, and advertising efforts, the store will soon be drawing interest. We screen the interested
parties to insure they are both financially qualified and seriously intentioned.

We then arrange showings and provide interested prospects with relevant data, while emphasizing your
business selling points. We handle all discussions, negotiations, and the transfer of paperwork – you
don’t have to deal with anyone or do anything. All serious offers from qualified buyers, are tendered and
presented to you. We discuss the benefits of each offer and further negotiate on your behalf, if necessary.

Once you are satisfied and choose to accept an offer, we accept a deposit and contract with the buyer.
We then work diligently to expedite the sale and purchase process. We will arrange a settlement date
and make sure all the necessary paperwork, contacts, required forms, prorated bills, inventory transfer,
etc… are properly prepared, settled, and/or filed.

Additional Information:

Our sales of commercial businesses are usually completed within a 120 day time period, from listing to
settlement. All agreements are therefore contracted for 120 days.
ABBI is the logical choice
to broker the sale of your
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